Massage and healing

Therapists Kristi, Gul Ipek

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Relaxing Massage

A gentle massage with smooth sweeping strokes to calm even the most nervous of people. Fantastic for those who have anxiety or would just like a time-out from life’s stresses to recharge.

Deep Tissue Massage​

All elbows on deck for those knots and muscle aches!

A thorough consultation is conducted first so we can discuss your lifestyle habits and for the therapist to check in on those tense and knotty areas. Fantastic for those who suffer from back pains, stiff necks or those who work jobs that require sitting down all day.

Hot Stone Therapy

This therapeutic massage makes use of the ancient knowledge of stone healing. We use the stones to do deep, penetrative work on the muscles, as well as for placement under or on top of the body. 

Not only will this treatment work wonders on tense muscles, but it uses the electromagnetic energy to integrate effective energy work and bring mental, emotional and spiritual balance back into your body. 

Heat from the stones penetrates deep into the tissue, bringing blood flow to the affected area, calming the nervous system and reducing muscle tension and pain. It is said to be 10 times more effective than traditional massage! 


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a perfect solution to the stress and discomfort of growing a tiny human inside you. Regular massage can help facilitate a faster post-pregnancy recovery and let’s be real – this is the time to treat yourself. Pregnancy has a dramatic effect on the body and massage can help to make this strenuous (yet beautiful) journey that little bit easier.

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Reiki is an energy healing technique originating from Japan. The reiki we offer in Studio Iris is known as Usui reiki (the type most commonly practiced in the world). 

In a nutshell, reiki is a form of energy transfer, which stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities. You don’t need to have a specific concern, but you can come and benefit from reiki even if you’re doing it out of curiosity. It brings about powerful healing and deep relaxation.

Receiving reiki regularly can create beautiful and profound change – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki always works through all these layers and so it can help with physical ailments (pain, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia – to name just a few), while at the same time attending to these issues on a mental/emotional/spiritual level. Mind, body and spirit are never separate.

What happens during a typical Reiki session

Reiki is performed lying down on a massage table, with your clothes on. During the session, the reiki therapist will place their hands gently on your body or just above your body. The healing energy will flow from their palms and you may feel this as heat/cold/tingling/pulsing. The sensations you experience vary from person to person and can be different from one session to the next. Reiki tends to be cumulative, so you may find that your experience of the energy transfer deepens with regular sessions.

Receiving reiki will bring you into a natural sleep-like meditative state, where you are aware of your surroundings, yet looking deeply inward. Post treatment, clients report feeling an immediate release of stress and profound relaxation. The effects of reiki typically continue to unfold throughout the day – feeling more centered, finding it easier to speak your truth and listen with your heart, sleeping deeply at night.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Therapist Gul Ipek

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Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that involves using tiny needles to stimulate the sensory nerves under the skin (not nearly as scary as it sounds, promise!) to relieve pain, aching muscles and everyday stress.

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The treatment itself is performed lying down, and once you’re comfortable, anything from six to twenty needles will be gently inserted then left for around 5 to 20 minutes. Most people feel little to no pain as the fine needles are placed. A lot of the time, you’ll feel a prick often followed by a tingling feeling. Post treatment, patients report that they feel deeply relaxed and super chilled.

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Cupping is an ancient therapy that uses cups placed on your back to create a negative pressure, allowing blood and Qi energy to flow much more freely through your body than previously.

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This non-invasive treatment is great for improving the health of your vital organs and reducing swelling and pain caused by inflammation. Consider it a one-stop, anti-inflammatory treatment for all your aches and pains.

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Facial Gua-Sha

This method aims to address stagnant energy which is believed to cause inflammation. Inflammation could be the underlying cause of variety of conditions associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin’s surface is believed to help break up this stagnant energy, reducing the inflammation and promoting healing. Gua Sha is also commonly used for facial rejuvenation.

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1-to-1 yoga

Teacher Madli

Forrest yoga is a strong physical practice that is deeply healing for modern-day health challenges such as a weak core, fragile back, restricted neck and shoulders and overwhelmed nervous system. Guided by the breath, the intelligent sequencing of this class will build your flexibility and strength whilst relieving tension at the same time.

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Forrest yoga has a strong focus on core strength. Expect to work with asanas (postures) unique to this style, breathe deep, hold the asanas for a bit longer, release stress and truly connect to yourself with compassion and interest. Forrest yoga is for everyone, and it does not require you to be strong or flexible. It only requires that you come with an open mind.

Private sessions allow students to receive individual attention, learn the basics, deepen understanding of alignment and posture, address specific injuries or “tight spots”, develop specialized home practice or just enjoy the groove.

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60 min (£60)
3 x 60 min (£150)

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Palm & Tarot Reading

Palmist and mystic Clare

Whether you come with questions you’d like answered, want to know more about your past, present or future or just out of pure curiosity – prepare to be blown away by Clare’s insightful readings.  

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The hands provide an overview of the personality, showing past influences and how these have developed. As well as thought processes, how we emotionally relate to others, skills, talents & vocational affinities.
The hands consist of fixed patterns as well as well as ones we can change. So insight & guidance is given to make the best of the former & to transform the latter for maximum life fulfilment.

Tarot on the other hand is more specific & can be tailored to any area or issue that’s needs exploring. Common areas are obviously relationships, life purpose work & location.

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30 min (£20)
60 min (£35)
90 min (£45)

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