*** Pricing Exchange ***

We offer a 3 tier pricing option.

General Admission is the recommended price for the class exchange, reflecting a fair amount of what’s offered.
General Admission Abundant is for anyone who feels the exchange amount is higher and has the means to contribute.
Low Concession is for anyone on lower income or going through recovery. Please contact us directly for this option 🙂

Breathe Flow

Class duration: 1h
General admission £22

A guided Breathwork class, where we navigate, challenge & expand our breath through different breathing exercises.

Chá & Chanting

Class duration: 1h 15min
General admission £26

Coming together for Tea & Chanting. Aligning with the energy of that week, each session explores a different blend of herbal tea & the practice of different chants.

Devotional Circle

Class duration: 1h 30min
General admission £28

A place to come together in devotion & connection to the divine- in whichever way you see it.  A session with breath, meditation & healing.

Divine Feminine Meditation

Class duration: 1h 15min
General admission £24

A guided meditation into our womb space ushering connection to the divine feminine energy within you.

Divine Feminine Workshop

Class duration: 2h
General admission £33

A Divine feminine course series, with full exploration of the knowledge & embodiment of the divine feminine & all its wisdom.

Embody Connect

Class duration: 2h
General admission £28

A session designed to connect you to the embodiment you are holding & to further you into deeper embodiment that you wish to hold in your life.

Heart Chakra Activation

Class duration: 1h 45 min
General admission £30

A session where you work with & receive activations through various practices to amplify your heart space. Activating Anahata frequency.

Kundalini Yoga

Class duration: 1h 15 min
General admission £16

Kundalini Yoga weekly classes. A flow through pranayama & asanas. Connect to your inner fire, and harness the power & energy within.

New & Full Moon Ceremonies

Class duration: 2h
General admission £28

A ceremony through different modalities, creating connection with the astrological energies of each new moon & full moon and how we experience them in our bodies & our reality.

Sacred Symphony

Class duration: 2h
General admission £55

A powerful and grounding session journeying with live shamanic sound healing and kundalini activation.

Sacred Sounds

Class duration: 1h 30min
General admission £27

A Sound Healing Journey guiding the energetic & physical body into deep relaxation & high vibrational activations.

Sound Healing & Poetry Affirmations

Class duration: 2h
General admission £25

In this session we journey through healing frequencies guided by different instruments & voice – followed by a space to share your expression.

Voice Activation

Class duration: 2h
General admission £33

A place to come and connect to your inner voice. This explore different modalities of inner exploration as well as vocal expression.

When Women Gather

Class duration: 2h 30min
General admission £26

A gathering of Women. In connection to spirit and our walk as women on this earth. A safe space to come and be in Sisterhood.

Womb Yoga

Class duration: 1h 15min
General admission £18

A flow through asanas that connect to our feminine centres. Focused on activating and amplying your divine feminine energy & centering in the power of our womb.

Yin Yoga

Class duration: 1h 15min
General admission £16

Create space & release with yin yoga. A flow through a series of asanas & breath ushering openness, release & relaxation in your body mind & spirit.


Occasionally we offer special events around holidays or important astrological points in time. If you are looking to attend an event that is not listed above, please find the event from the link here 🙂