Meet our team of dedicated specialists

Kristi // Massage and healing therapies

Kristi has always been drawn to massage and believes that ‘touch’ is vital to our well-being. Today, we all know that stress is the leading cause of illness and what better way to counter its effects than with massage and relaxation.
Kristi approaches each therapy session with a caring and holistic mindset. Massage is not only physical manipulation of some tissue, but also a transfer of energy between the giver and receiver. During the sessions we release blockages (be it physical or energetic) that have previously been wasted in tension. You are invited to have a meditative session, where you can honour your body with a deepened state of awareness and stay present within each moment.

Kristi offers relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, hot and cold stone massage, cupping and reiki healing sessions.

Gul Ipek // Acupuncture and naturopathy

Gul Ipek is a fully qualified Naturopath and Acupuncturist. 
Born in Istanbul, her interest in naturopathy started in childhood.  Sick as a young child, she was given many courses of medicine, but saw little long-term relief.  It was only years later that she realized what she ate had a huge impact on how she felt.                    

Recognising the importance of medication and the medical profession, Gul Ipek sees acupuncture and naturopathy as a complement to this.  She encourages clients with chronic conditions to first explore the power of changes in lifestyle and natural therapies.        

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Gul Ipek focuses as much on preventing illness as she does on relieving the discomfort associated with a variety of conditions.  Being “truly well” is very different to “not being ill”. Life’ s stresses can interrupt our natural flow of energy and disrupt our feeling of wellbeing.  Gul Ipek works with clients to ensure their energy is in balance. 

“I take a bespoke approach to each client.  It’s important to me that I deeply understand an individual’s unique history and circumstances.  Only then can I work with them to create the course of therapy most likely to support their body’ s own healing power”.                   

Happy to see anyone needs help, Gul Ipek’ s particular interests are:

                  – The female journey:  Supporting a broad range of conditions spanning general female health including genealogical, fertility and menopause issues.

                  – Nurturing the child:   From assisting newborns and their parents with colic and sleep issues, to working with older children and their families to help them articulate symptoms and explore potential solutions.                   

Gul Ipek’s life passion is to improve the health and well-being of others through nutrition and complementary medicine.

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Therapist Lude

Currently studying Osteopathy, Lude’s rich understanding of the human anatomy has helped her perform luxurious massages in spas and for private clients over the past 5 years. 

Yoga Teacher Madli

Madli has had consistent yoga practice since 2014. In 2018 she completed a 200 hour Forrest Yoga Teacher Training with master teacher Ana Forrest in Texas. She is also a certified breath coach, and has undertaken Poppy Perinatal Yoga training in 2021. For her, yoga is a way of thinking and living as it is a way of moving. As we are creatures of habit, change is difficult. To move forward for any desired change, Madli invites you to examine yourself, your habits and create your path to be in a better relationship with your body, mind, and thinking in a comfortable way when life isn’t.


Clare began to study hand reading in the 90’s after having a reading herself & being amazed by how insightful it was. Seven years ago she began to study tarot & went on to combine these two modalities, as they compliment each other perfectly.