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Kristi has always been drawn to massage and believes that ‘touch’ is vital to our well-being. Today, we all know that stress is the leading cause of illness and what better way to counter its effects than with massage and relaxation.
Kristi approaches each therapy session with a caring and holistic mindset. Massage is not only physical manipulation of some tissue, but also a transfer of energy between the giver and receiver. During the sessions we release blockages (be it physical or energetic) that have previously been wasted in tension. You are invited to have a meditative session, where you can honour your body with a deepened state of awareness and stay present within each moment.

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Maria is a Holistic Practitioner, with a primary background in Biomedical Sciences. Her journey has guided her towards embracing Holistic Natural Living. Over the years, she has accumulated extensive knowledge and learning about the functioning of the human body, exploring the ways in which we collaborate with the natural world and the encompassing vibrational field.
She is an energy and sound healer, songstress, herbalist and a medicine woman. In service to embody and emanate healing and a high vibrational conscious life in co-creation. In love, in joy, in devotion.

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Yin yoga & Kundalini yoga

Breathe flow
Sound healing & Poetry affirmations
Sacred sounds
New & Full moon ceremonies
Divine Feminine meditation & workshops
Heart chakra activation
Embody connect
Express flow
Devotional Circle
Cha & Chanting
Sacred Symphony – A Shamanic sound journey with Kundalini Activation

Delene seamlessly blends her extensive experience as a massage therapist with a lifelong passion for dance. Tailoring each massage to individual needs, she focuses on relieving stress and pain, guiding clients towards a deeper sense of self through intuitive touch. Her unique approach is enriched by a professional dance career and teaching background, emphasizing creativity and expression. Notably, Delene leads Dance for Parkinson’s classes, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact. As a trainee psychotherapist, she brings a holistic perspective to her practice, ensuring a transformative experience beyond the ordinary massage.

Delene is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. ABMT, UKCP

Delene’s offerings:
Holistic massage
Biodynamic massage
Biodynamic psychotherapy