Biodynamic psychotherapy

*** NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES. We are all highly trained and attuned practitioners. We put a lot of care into preparing for each individual session and craft a safe space for you to unfold. We value our time and energy and want to work with people who value it too. However, if you're feeling that one of our approaches truly speaks to you and may be fundamental for your well-being, please get in touch and we can hopefully offer sliding scale fee options. We try to help where we can, but please note that this is not a guarantee and we will look at each case individually.


Therapist: Delene

Price: £70
Session duration: 1h 15min

Developed by Gerda Boyesen, Biodynamic Psychotherapy is a humanistic and integrative modality. We really see the person and allow you to bring all of what you are into the therapy space. The key thing that differentiates this modality is we attend to the body as well as the mind. The full dimensionality of the person is allowed to show up and will have the opportunity to be met.

The work is varied but aims to get a person back in touch with their life force energy. Due of life’s challenges and burdens we can become compromised and must bury away our true selves to manage in the world. Biodynamic psychotherapy can bring this life energy back online. As the therapist works closely with the client to channel unconscious material, support incomplete emotional cycles, to bring expression, to trust the wisdom within the body, all to enable a fuller, richer way of showing up in the world and in your own life. Using various tools that include touch, talk and active imagination. Biodynamic psychotherapist intrinsically believes in the self-regulating capacity of the individual, this supports your own independent wellbeing. Allowing for greater connection and authenticity with self and others.


Therapist: Maria

Price: Womb blessing £80, Womb healing £70, Returning clients £50 
Session duration: 1h 30 min – 1h 45min

Two offerings are available – both part of The Womb Blessing path (developed by Miranda Gray). It’s a powerful system of female energy awakening, transformation and healing.

Womb Blessing: 

A energetic attunement that brings energy activation to awaken deeper awareness of your divine feminine within, and in its expression in your life.

Working with the 3 main female energy centres. 

A transformative experience which initiates deep spiritual changes and connections in a woman’s life.

Womb Healing:

A hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother with a deeper focus on the womb centre. 

Used for balancing & deeper healing integration of the womb centre.


Therapist: Kristi

Price: £65 for 60 mins, £90 for 90 mins, £120 for 120 mins
Hot/cold stone therapy – £15 extra

Holistic massage is a transformative journey, where the art of physical tension and release takes center stage, alongside with an invitation to find deep and meditative re-connection to your breath.

Immersed in a flowing and connected massage style, I anchor my practice in the profound belief that our physical well-being is intricately intertwined with our emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. This understanding forms the essence of my work, creating a truly holistic experience that radiates through every massage session.

As a fully qualified practitioner in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, and hot/cold stone massage, I bring a diverse set of skills to cater to your unique needs. Beyond the tangible touch, I am also a Reiki master, viewing energy healing as an ideal complement to the physical aspects of massage. In our session, any combination of these elements can be seamlessly integrated to enhance your overall experience.

Together, we’ll explore the spectrum of pressure, ranging from light to deep, adapting to what your body truly craves. Whether you prefer a comprehensive full-body treatment or desire focused attention on specific areas seeking relief, the choice is yours to make.

Throughout the massage, we may uncover hidden areas where tension has quietly accumulated, yet to reveal itself. This intuitive approach allows us to address not only the apparent sources of discomfort but also those subtle tensions that may be awaiting acknowledgment.

I look forward to welcoming you on a serene journey where your body, mind, and spirit seamlessly come together. Your tailored massage experience awaits – embrace truly authentic self-care.

I am looking forward to bringing you deeper into holistic self-care. Your tailored massage experience awaits 🙂


Therapist: Kristi

Price: £333 per session or £1666 for 6 sessions
Session duration: approx 4 hours (or as long as we need)

Kundalini bodywork and activation sessions are for those seeking a deep dive towards personal transformation. Throughout our sessions, I will TEACH you energy, body and breathwork techniques, so that you can add these to your self-practice. Real change happens when you take these simple (and enjoyable) practices into your daily life. Techniques that you resonate with and that truly work for you. 

My aim is for you to connect to your own essence, so that you can fully accept and express your Self in the world and consciously create the life you wish to lead!

KBW is a powerful modality, where you take charge in healing your Self from emotional/mental traumas causing physical illness and distress in the body. I will merely be the guide in your own journey, letting you meet your concealed pain and trauma in a safe space so that you can truly heal from it. So, in these sessions, you don’t just show up to receive. You do receive, as well as learn how to use these same techniques in your own life with the same results of healing. During these sessions, I also integrate energy work to re-align, balance and activate the energyflows in your body. I also teach you how to do this on your own. 

These sessions are truly holistic. 

We work on the mental level through deeply connected conversations, exercises, feeling into and setting intentions, identifying and observing your life’s patterns (your lessons), the balance of masculine and feminine, exploring and navigating trauma, as well as getting to know your shadow. 

We will then work on creating a deep connection with your physical body through movement and breath. De-armouring the body through bodywork, massage and attuned touch is at the core of these sessions. As we go through life, we build up armour (stuckness/rigidity) in our body and this starts to restrict the flow of our life on all levels, eventually resulting in real physical dis-ease.

Energetic bodywork will open and strengthen your energetic pathways. We all know the feeling when we are in an open flow state, so we go through a journey of releasing any unfelt emotions that have become too heavy and replace them with a higher vibration leaving you to navigate life with expansion and ease.

These sessions (each about 4 hours) are usually a path on a longer devoted journey, where we take several weeks (what ever feels right) between sessions. We keep journeying together remotely to make sure you have the support to navigate the changes and build your self-practice.

This session is led by a fully qualified massage therapist, Kundalini Bodywork therapist (Level 2), Kundalini Activation practitioner (Level 2) an a Reiki master/teacher.


Therapist: Maria or Kristi

Price: £65 for 60 mins, £90 for 90 mins, £120 for 120 mins

Reiki healing. A session to attune your body & spirit

Reiki is a form of energy healing to bring alignment to the energetic & physical body. 

By passing healing energy in a higher attunement- density & stagnancy is moved- promoting healing, stress reduction & relaxation. Leaving the body in higher alignment.


Therapist: Kristi or Maria

Price: £222 per session or £1222 for 6 sessions
Session duration: minimum 2-3 hours

Sacred bodywork ceremony is held by either Kristi or Maria. We each have different approaches and use different tools in this session. Please read about what we each offer, so you can choose what resonates with you most. 

Maria offers a therapy session with Thai massage body work & other embodiment practices to release tension & realign physically, mentally & spiritually.

She incorporates deep stretching, gentle pressure, assisted yoga poses, rhythmic movements, trigger point therapy, and eft tapping and meditative breathing, to effectively re-align and heal the body.

Kristi offers a transformative journey within, a profound exploration of your inner landscape. Held in a nourishing ceremony, we honour every part of your being, paying respects to your uniqueness and the timeless influence of your ancestral energies. 

Each session is unique and intuitively weaves together various modalities, creating a fusion of massage, bodywork, connected breath, emotional de-armouring as well as activating and balancing energywork. 

The core of the session lies in the transformative power of de-armouring. We explore and give space to parts of you that may feel forgotten, to emotions that may not have been felt. There’s an invitation to release stagnant energy and armour that has accumulated in the physical body. We use flowing, deep and intuitive massage, bodywork techniques and attuned touch to explore the layers of the body. Guided breath and energywork help to stay present, feel, transmute and release.

Balancing and activating energywork is an integral part of these sessions – we want to open and strengthen your energetic pathways, so that you feel guided and connected with your ‘natural flow’

As we unravel these layers, we gain insight into the intricate connections between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Step into the sacred space of the Bodywork Ceremony, where self-discovery, healing and harmonization of mind, body and spirit bring profound connection and alignment within.

Kristi is a fully qualified massage therapist, Kundalini Bodywork therapist (Level 2), Kundalini Activation practitioner (Level 2) an a Reiki master/teacher.


Therapist: Maria

Price: Individual session £80, Group of 2 people £120, Group of 3 people £150
Session duration: 1h 30 mins (individual) or 2-3 hrs (group)

Sound & different vibrations have a profound healing effect on the body. 

In this session we pair sound therapy with energy healing to clear any stagnancies & blockages. 

Re-centering our chakras & energetic points into balance & higher alignment.

Get in touch to arrange a session: