Palmistry course

An eight week Palmistry course on Sundays (12 – 5 pm).
Starting on the 5th of February, with a four week break in March, resuming on the 2nd of April.

This course takes the student from beginner to professional level, taught by an experienced hand reader Clare Conway.

It will enable the student to gain deep insight into every facet of the hand, serving as a tool to uncover psychological and emotional traits, health & vitality as well as skills and vocational abilities.

This method is founded on the Buddhist philosophy that all of creation is composed of the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. It was practiced by the monks to assist them on the path to enlightenment. It is integrated with knowledge gained from forty years of modern research & ‘hands on’ practice (making it fully current). It differs somewhat from traditional Western palmistry in that it is primarily a tool for insight & conscious evolution recognising our free will to create our reality. It would serve as a valuable adjunct to any study of psychology.


Course content:

Week 1 (05.02): Understanding the elements, hand shapes and skin texture
Week 2 (12.02): Fingers and thumb, meanings, lengths, leans and phalanges
Week 3 (19.02): Finger prints and palmer dermatoglyphics
Week 4 (26.02): Introducing the lines , starting with the Earth and Fire lines


Week 5 (02.04): Air and Water lines
Week 6 (09.04): Minor lines
Week 7 (16.04): Minor lines and health in the hand
Week 8 (23.04): Putting it all together & giving readings 

Registering and cost:

To allow for income inequality and offer the opportunity for those earning less, the course price is on a sliding scale

£350 – £450 – depending on your ability to pay 🙂

Please transfer £50 deposit to secure your spot. The rest is payable by the end of January.

Bank transfer to:

Ms C J Conway 

We look forward to welcoming you!


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